Some applications have a habit of appearing outside the screen. This can happen when applications remember their last window position between runs and if the desktop resolution or monitor configuration changed in the meantime. This is not uncommon with remote desktop when the client and server have different screen resolutions or monitor configurations. This sometimes also occurs if a system changes its desktop resolution frequently, such as when Tablet PCs change their display orientation.

Or some applications don't behave well if the taskbar is docked to the top- or left- edges of the screen.

Or maybe you want an application window to be aligned exactly to a screen edge.

Borderline takes all windows that fall off the edge of the screen and moves them back into the screen bounds. For multi-monitor systems, each window can be moved to a specified screen or can be moved to rest wholly on its nearest screen.



Just run it. Borderline should be needed only on occasion, so it's meant to be run on demand rather than to be running continuously in the background.

(Works well if assigned a keyboard shortcut or if run by a keyboard-driven application launcher such as Launchy.)

Command-line Options

Borderline [--span] [monitor number ...]
Borderline --version
Borderline --help

-h, --help Show help.
--version Show version information.
-s, --span Allow windows to span monitors.

Monitor Numbers

Known Issues

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